About us

Our goal is the fastest Victory, for this we help the Armed Forces, Territorial Defense Forces and injured citizens in the de-occupied territories.


All money will be used for humanitarian aid


We have transported 400+ tons of aid since the beginning of the war


people in our team: Ruslan, Andrii, Ilya, Vadim, Daniil, Oleg, Andrii and 4 buses)

Our principles

Our mission is to help the Armed Forces, Territorial Defense Forces, residents of the de-occupied territories.

We work with foreign and Ukrainian foundations, initiative citizens, deliver targeted assistance to our fighters and citizens in the de-occupied territories. We take care of several brigades in different directions of the front.

Who we are

Ruslan Legkiy

Ilya Bakhvalov
Co-founder of the company "VIS-A-VIS"

Andriy Bednarskiy
Vadym Ilchenko

Oleg Gorbatenko
Andriy Usenko

Daniil Galetkin

Our story

From the first days of the war, we united and started helping people in the occupied Kyiv region and Kyiv. A large volunteer hub was organized in Rivne, where our friends from the Netherlands set up a humanitarian corridor. The first trips were to Kyiv and Kotsyubynske. After the liberation of Buchan district, we started delivering aid to civilians in Irpin, Bucha, Borodyanka and other nearby settlements.

In order not to create panic during the distribution of humanitarian aid, we worked with volunteer centers in these cities, which then provided targeted assistance to each person.

After moving to Irpin and organizing a warehouse there, we started receiving cargo there. Considering the fact that we had a lot of contact with our military, it was decided to concentrate more on our defenders and hospitals on the front line.

Our main principle is "from hand to hand". All the help that we collect all over Ukraine for our heroes, we personally hand over to them. That is why we organize trips to the front line and make a detailed photo report of everything that is provided to us by people who want to help.

We also try to raise funds for the purchase of equipment and cars: we hold auctions, fairs, meetings. In addition to all this, we will fundamentally think through our every step, since the help must be effective and delivered to the right place and at the right time. Having transferred more than one car, we realized that it is very important to understand what tasks it will perform and how much it is needed in one place or another. 

To increase efficiency, we coordinate our actions with local authorities. We talk about the needs of the regions, about the work of hospitals and their needs.

Victory is ours, unity is our strength. Glory to Ukraine and our Heroes.